Posted by: anniskaliakoto | 25 April 2012

Springtime in Mani

Springtime in Mani is magical – the area is carpeted with flowers and here, in Liakoto, the house martins that returned from Africa have started building their nests in the corners of our sea front balconies; I commend their choice of location – it’s a fabulous view!

The main calendar event during this period is Greek Easter – all the villagers go to church on Easter Saturday and light candles which they then take home and bless their houses – it’s a time of reflection and tradition. On Easter Sunday you wake up to the smell of meat cooking – everyone is roasting lamb on spits outside their houses and preparing for the festivities ahead; the Greeks love a good celebration and there’s plenty of dancing and singing into the evening.

Now Kardamyli is slowly coming to life after the winter and all the shop, taverna and hotel owners are busy cleaning their premises ready for the season ahead. There is a certain amount of anxiety about the forthcoming year – will the tourists visit? We hope so. The media portrays such a negative image but the reality is that despite the economic hardships, there is no discernible difference in what the visitor will find here: a warm welcome from the locals, stunning scenery that will take your breath away and a place of total peace and serenity that seems untouched by the freneticism of the 21st century.

So – what are you waiting for? Book your flights now…..

Villagers outside the church on Easter Saturday

My personal favourite sign of Spring....

....Judas tree which blossoms around Easter, heralding the warmer weather

View from the apartment bedroom balconies in Liakoto

All the rooms in Liakoto have sea front views....

....the martins build their nests overlooking this vista - smart birds


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